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Women Rock founder Linh Giao Nguyen was raised in Hanoi where she learned to make almost everything she wore. While studying abroad in London, she worked for one of the most renowned clothing line in the world. The personal dedication they showed to the raw material inspired her to bring it back to life.

For Linh, designing women's wear is an intimate process. Before deciding on materials, she thinks about how a design will be used and where it will be worn. Once she’s ready to cut a pattern, she processes and treats the material with great care. Completely opposed to an industrial approach, she guides her designs as if it were a living being.

After years of practice, Giao Linh has found that gently taming and suggesting shape yields the most elegant results. Even when she started small with jewleries back in 2012, she always matched her meticulousness with curiosity. Travelling around the globe, she has studied various techniques and designs that have helped her cultivate a singular yet international style. Today, she has a few apprentices of her own and spends most of her time crafting with them in her Hanoi studio. She still makes time to learn new techniques and showcases at fashion shows national wise.







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